Monday, January 08, 2007

There were too many alternative names and spellings to list them all in the description.

Kato Koutraphas is also known as Aşağı Kurtboğan, Kato Koutrafa, Kato Koutrafas, Kato Koutrapha, Kato Kutrafa, and Katokutrafa.

Pano Koutraphas is also known as Pano Koutrafa, Pano Koutrafas, Pano Koutrapha, Pano Koutraphas, Pano Kutrafa, Yukarı Kutrafa, Yukari Kutrafa, Yukarı Kurtboğan, Yukari Kurtbogan, Yukarıkutrafa, and Yukarikutrafa.

Other names for the villages include Cotrefoko, Cutrafa, Kotrephaki, Koutrafan, Koutrophas, and Kurtafa.

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